Battle Zone Dimensions:
The Battle Zone can be adjusted to suit the shape and area available. As a GUIDE Typically sizes are as follows:

Number of tanks playing:

Approx Battle area size:

Total area including setup and standing playing area:
8 x 5
10 x 6 Meters
6.5 x 5
9 x 6 Meters
approx 5 - 6
6 x 5
7.5 x 6


The exact size and shape of the Battle Zone can be adjusted to suit your needs (smaller Battle Zones may limit the number of tanks).

Set up: Tanx requires approx 1hr - 1.5hr for setting up.

Tank Dimensions:
Length: 530mm, Width 232mm, Height 220mm.

Game Information: . A range of strategy games can be created by varying the strength of the tanks and layout of the scenery to create a superb activity for team building situations. Upto 8 people can operate Tanx at any one time, however using non operating commanders feeding information to drivers allows numbers to be adjusted.

Running Times:
Tanx can be run for a period of up to approx 6 hours.

A structured event can be run with up to 45 players split into teams of 4, playing several different games over a period of approx 3 - 4hrs.

Game Times:
This may vary from 3 - 15min per game depending on the type game being played. Each game is controlled by two Tank commanders.

Tanx are well to suited to an indoor environment, although they can run on most terrain both inside and out. Please contact us with your requirements.

Weather: Tanx prefer to run in dry conditions. Outside a covered SHOWER proof area can be arranged on grass.


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